SAFFI Staking Platform

Staking is the way SAFFI audit verifies its transactions, and it allows participants to earn rewards on their holdings, also can be a great way to use your SAFFI to generate passive income, especially because SAFFI staking program offers high interest rates for staking.
🔗StakedToken (address): 0xb0b2b6b4f33de5a9e54784fb59f005e322195b49
🔗RewardToken (address): 0xb0b2b6b4f33de5a9e54784fb59f005e322195b49
🔗RewardPerBlock (uint256): 10000000000000000 // 0.01 saffi per block
🔗StartBlock (uint256): 24782946
🔗BonusEndBlock (uint256): 99999999
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